Some Rubric (1)

Some Rubric (1)
Criteria Ratings Pts
Step 2 of the 5 Steps to Writing a Lit Review

** Students must format Step 2 of the literature review process as follow**
Body Cameras in policing is the subject of interest for this research project:
Total score for each step: 6
Part 1. 2 point

Take the 4 6 articles, from reliable sources on the subject of review and reorder them to show some similarities or dissimilarities used by authors when writing on the topic. Then reorder the paragraphs in logical sequences based on the connections you found between them. Students should keep in mind that there is no correct sequence; the best is your opinion on how your research flows.
Part 2. 4 points
– Label each paragraph with what you think is the writers recommended approach to the problem.
– Use in-text Citations, as explained in the 7th edition of APA, to guide you in this section.
– Submit your summaries to me in a grid that shows your summaries and label. You may consult the video as a reminder of this step.
– Submit the document to me via Canvas.
Note: Summarize your finds and be thorough, but dont give your opinion; I am looking for what the research says about using body cameras in law enforcement. Also, what are the benefits for police agencies, and their unions, to embrace the technology?

6 pts

Steps 1 & Step 2 work 4 pts.

3 pts

Step 2
Organize the summaries

0 pts

No Marks

6 pts
Total Points: 6