Adult Project Assignment Interview Questions: This assignment involves doing an interview with 3 or more individuals of a p

Adult Project Assignment

Interview Questions:

This assignment involves doing an interview with 3 or more individuals of a particular age group. You only have to interview 3 people, but you can do more than three if you would like. Each person in class will choose three questions for a particular age group for the purposes of the interview. The questions are listed in the discussion board labeled Adult Project Assignment Questions. Once you find the set of three questions you want to use for the assignment, you must put your name on that set of three questions by replying to them. Once three people have replied to the set of questions they would like to use, no one else will be allowed to use that set of questions so make sure you reply to your set of questions early.

Using the three questions you signed up for, and were approved for in the discussion board, each person will conduct interviews with three or more people in the assigned age range. You will need to use the answers your interviewees give in order to complete the assignment.

You can interview your three or more people in person, over the phone, through Skype, through email, through social media, etc Each person must answer all three questions. You will use all of the interview answers in order to do your project for this assignment.


For this particular assignment, you will submit your assignment as an essay. You must be able to submit it via the assignment box so make sure that you are able to do it in a format that can be read or viewed by the professor. If you are unsure if your format will be able to be seen, please email the professor ahead of time to make sure.

Each essay should summarize/compare the interviews and link collective findings with referenced areas found directly from the textbook. Each person will use the answers to those three questions from the people you interviewed for the assignment. You will take the answers your interviewees gave and then discuss your findings and compare/contrast them with research from the text. (For example: I found that the people interviewed said , and the research says  they should say this ….For the people interviewed, the people agreed with the research that says …., or the people did not agree with the research that says…..Based on research, this might be different because of…) When you interviewed the three people, and they did not all agree, you would then say 2 of the 3 people said this. and 1 out of 3 people said this..etc

Each essay or question/answer assignment will point to theories, scientific findings, etcwith meaningful connections to how the course content applies with these real life interviews. Make sure to include your scholarly understanding of some of the adult lifespan theories and theorists you have studied.

You will submit your interview notes the day the project is due of the three questions that were answered by the people you interviewed, along with your project. If the interview answers are not submitted, there will be a deduction on the project.


  1. Your three questions you chose from the discussion board should have connections made to it by research and/or portions of theories from the text. Make sure you compare the answers that the person or all of the people gave and how they align with what we know from research for that age group.
  2. You must submit your interview notes from your interviewee with your assignment.
  3. Your assignment must be posted as a Word Document, PDF Document, or Rich Text Format Document 


these are the questions that were answered.

 1. Do you think that people change the way they eat as they get older? Why or why not? Have you changed the types of foods that you eat since you were in your twenties? Why or Why not? Do you think those changes are positive or negative? Can you explain? Do you think making nutritional changes has a big impact on your health as you get older? Why or why not? If you have not made any changes, do you plan on making any changes any time in the future? Why or why not?

Yes I do think people change the way they eat as they get older because they start to have more health problem and do exercise or move around as much. Yes I have changed my diet since the age twenties seeing how my parents  have to go through health issues because the choices of food they ate and gave us to eat wanted to live a healthier and longer life. Yes I think making healthier changes to you food are positive for the long run. Yes making nutrition changes makes a big impact on your health because you have a chance in living a longer and healthier life.

2. Overall, do you find that as people get older that they become more creative? Why or why not? Do you find that you are more creative overall than when you were in your twenties? If not, why do you think so? If so, what do you think has helped you to become more creative. If you have been in your career ten years or more, do you feel that you are more creative in your job than you were when you started? Could you explain?

I think that it all depends on what your doing and your perspective of creativity. For myself personally in the sense of how I handle things at work I have got more creative.  More creative in the sense that I have found ways to do certain tasks in a more efficient and effective way for myself, for my patient as well as for the company. Now if your looking at creativity from say an ‘art’ perspective I would say the same, I have gotten more creative as I got older.  I do feel I have gotten more creative than I was in my twenties. I feel that because I found ways to do things that I wouldn’t have thought of doing back in my twenties. Creative in the sense that I found a way to do things that take less time, less effort but still being able keep the quality there. I have been in my field for twelve years as a Radiology Tech. I will say that I have definitely got more creative from when I first started. For example when I first started I would do certain exams with the order I remember doing in class, I was so focused on thinking that was only way to do it. However, over the years working with other techs and even some of our students at the facility I have more efficient ways of doing exams. For example if I was doing a knee series, instead of moving the patient from the exam table then to the upright position and then back to the table I do all of my standing images  first and then all the imaging on the table last. It makes it easier on the patient as well as myself. In conclusion I feel that yes I have become more creative over the years. 

3. Do you feel that it is important to make plans for your retirement? Why or why not? Have you been making those plans for a while? Could you explain? Are you feeling positive or negative about retiring? Why or why not? If you have already retired, do you feel that you made enough plans for your retirement to be able to leave comfortably? Could you explain?

Here you go.  You can wordsmith as you feel comfortable. 🙂

Do you feel that it is important to make plans for your retirement?  Why or why not? I feel it is important to make plans for retirement to ensure one can live financially comfortably while not working. Some may think it is not important to plan for retirement, as they feel social security retirement benefit may be efficient since it is taken out of paychecks as part of the taxes.  However, the social security income would not be efficient to live comfortably.  There is also a threat of this benefit being dissolved, as we get closer to retirement.  In addition to finances, one will need to ensure their medical, dental, and optical coverages are in order. As the years continue, the costs of these coverages are increasing more and more.  Some employers provide coverage at retirement, although additional supplemental insurance may be needed to help cover some costs. Therefore, should be considered in the planning stages of retirement.  Have you been making those plans for a while? Could you explain?  Yes, I have been making retirement plans for the last 25 years.  With raising a family, I am personally challenged with saving money.  However, I was told, about 25 years ago, if you could not save money, make sure to put money away for your retirement.  Since then, this is something I have been doing.  My employer also puts a percentage aside for my retirement.  Are you feeling positive or negative about retiring?  Why or why not? Currently, I feel positive about retiring.  Some of the big financial obligations should all be taken care of by the time I retire. With my planned pension, retirement savings i.e., 401k, and social security benefits, all combined, I should be living comfortably at the time of retirement. Which would also include health, dental, and optical benefits.   If you have already retired, do you feel that you ma enough plans for your retirement to be able to live comfortably?  Could you explain?



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